Discover Your Vision


Without a clear Vision of what you want in your life, you are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without being able to see the top of the box. This workshop can change your life by giving you the Vision you need to see a clear picture of your future. Join Unbridled Possibilities in Pasadena, Maryland for this transformative workshop to get you ready to step forward into an amazing 2021!

Three (3) Sessions

12/9/20 – Looking Back on 2020 7pm – 9pm
12/16/20- Looking Forward to our Visions of a new and promising 2021 7pm – 9pm
1/1/21 – Celebrate our commitment to making our Vision a reality 2pm – 5pm

The December evening sessions will be in a workshop setting. The January 1st session will be celebrated outside with the horses of Unbridled Possibilities. We will be using COVID19 precautions to keep everyone safe.


For more information regarding the clinic call Joyce at 410-991-7872



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