“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

Why partner with horses for coaching?

Horses are prey animals and it is their nature to be totally aware of their surroundings. Through the centuries, their survival has depended on their ability to detect subtle changes in their environment. Horses use all of their senses to assess situations and identify any incongruence. slideshow Around people they sense our intentions and emotions that we convey through body language. They even sense subtle changes in our respirations and heart rate and become aware of our energy level. For example, if you are experiencing anger but try to disguise it with pleasing words and a soft tone, the horse will only react to the physical and/or emotional energy you are conveying. They will sense incongruence and react accordingly. This supports the old saying, “you cannot lie to a horse”. Horses help us to identify the behaviors that impact our relationships, our careers and our lives in both negative and positive ways. They are excellent coaches because they are non- judgmental, have no hidden agenda and no underlying motives. kimseries1kimseries2Working with a horse in a coaching situation, you will learn how to communicate more clearly, how to acknowledge and manage your emotions and how to be more congruent with your actions. Horses live in the present moment. They do not dwell on what happened in the past or what may happen in the future. In the presence of horses, when we speak our truth, when we are congruent, when we are present, they will want to be with us and when our intentions are truly authentic they will respond to us with trust.

The Horses of Unbridled Possibilities

Awesome awsome Awesome is a 16 year old Spotted Saddle Horse. His registered name is “Paint Me Awesome.” He was born in Tennessee and came to live with us when he was four. Through the years he has traveled down many trails as far west as Colorado, as far north as New York and as far south as Tennessee. He has carried flags in parades, performed with a mounted drill team, is an active member of TROTSAR Search and Rescue and has partnered with Joyce for numerous demonstrations and clinics. Currently he works with Joyce building rider’s confidence and is both a coach and a teacher for Unbridled Possibilities. He leaves a lasting impression on all who meet him. Legend legend Meet Legend. Legend is a 7 year old dual registered Spotted Saddle Horse and Tennessee Walker. Legend was one of Joyce’s certification horses when she completed her John Lyon’s Horse Training Program. He is well traveled and has done some very long trail rides as well as a 10 day trip across the peninsula of Michigan. Legend assists Joyce with Horse Training Clinics and Demonstrations and will be part of your experience when you attend a session at Unbridled Possibilities.